Ordinary canvas from other companies have the problem of canvas surface becoming loose overtime and stretch marks appearing along the inner frame border.

Dream Production’s new innovative Canvas Block Mount does NOT have any of these above problems. Our canvas block mounts come with lifetime guarantee that it will never become loose and no stretch marks.

Printed on 100% cotton canvas operated by our colour management professionals then a special machine is used for mounting on to the most lightweight solid block, hand crafted perfect edges and special canvas laminate. It weights the same as an ordinary canvas but it is so durable and long lasting that you can sit on it! This product is patented by Dream Production and is not available from anywhere else.

Be creative make any combination, some clients change the position of their block mounts every few month to create an interesting modern look from horizontal to vertical and even diagonally along the walls of the stairs. This is a popular product for professional photographers in the wedding and portrait market.

Canvas Block Mounts